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School-aged children in Pennsylvania are required to have at least three physical exams during their school career. Dan G. Alexander M.D. is a physician in Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, who’s board-certified in internal medicine, and has expertise performing school physicals for teenagers. To schedule your teen’s next school physical, call the office today, or make an appointment online.

School Physicals

How often does my child need to have a physical for school?

The state of Pennsylvania requires students to have physical exams within four months prior to the start of the school year as follows:

  • The first year they attend school
  • 6th grade
  • 11th grade

Individual schools can apply for permission to require physical exams in different grades as long as at least three exams are performed during the student’s school career, so you should always check with your child’s school for confirmation of physical exam requirements.

Pennsylvania also requires that all children who attend school receive immunizations before the first day of school, as follows:

  • The first year of school
  • 7th grade
  • 12th grade 

You can apply for an exemption from immunizations for your child for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons.

Additional physical exams may be required for students to participate in certain extracurricular activities such as sports. Dr. Alexander performs physicals for high school students.

What is involved in a school physical?

Dr. Alexander is a friendly, board-certified physician with extensive experience performing school physicals. He makes physical exams easy. 

During the exam, Dr. Alexander reviews your teen’s health history and asks you and your teen some questions. He then checks that your teen’s height and weight are within the normal range for their age, and evaluates their physical health, including:

  • Blood pressure and heart rate
  • Respiratory and digestive systems
  • Eyes, ears, and throat
  • Reflexes and musculoskeletal function

Dr. Alexander may also order blood work to check for any underlying health conditions. When your teen’s physical exam is complete, they receive immunizations if needed. 

How should I prepare for a school physical?

Before your teen’s appointment, you should find out what paperwork is required by their school. Dr. Alexander has standard forms that are accepted by many schools, but if your child’s school has its own forms for physicals, you need to bring them with you to the appointment. 

If this is your teen’s first time having a physical with Dr. Alexander, it’s a good idea to bring prior immunization and medical records with you to make sure they receive the appropriate vaccinations, and any previous concerns can be addressed.

To schedule a school physical for your teen, call Dan G. Alexander M.D. today, or make an appointment online.